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To: Rep. Beatty, Sen. Vance, Sen. Brown, Pres. Biden

From: A constituent in Columbus, OH

May 28

Israel must be stopped, immediately. First, there were “no red lines” for continued U.S. support. Then, the ICC made 3 rulings. They have ruled that there is a plausible genocide occurring, and now, having failed to act to end their policy of **mass civilian starvation** and they have only worsened the crisis. Now, in response to a lawful order to cease fire, Israel has doubled down on their terror. And they are dropping 2,000lb American bombs on people in TENTS. By Biden’s own words, the “red line” of an incursion into Rafah hasn’t just been crossed, it’s been incinerated. As Rafah burns, so too, does the very meaning of international human rights law, and Geneva conventions. And YOU are handing them the matches. Enough is enough. EMBARGO. SANCTION. DIVEST. Save the next generation of Americans from paying for this genocide. Whatever strategic importance Israel might hold for the U.S., its emerging status as a pariah state changes that math. Only the United States can end this genocide. Israel has stated they won’t, and they are showing us the won’t. Nothing less than the lives of every Palestinian, and US standing in the world hangs in the balance. It’s time to do what is RIGHT, not what you find politically expedient in the very short term. Free Palestine.

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