Resist authoritarian overreach, uphold democratic accountability and rule of law
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Resist authoritarian overreach, uphold democratic accountability and rule of law

To: Sen. Cantwell, Rep. Jayapal, Sen. Murray

From: A verified voter in Seattle, WA

July 4

The Supreme Court's ruling granting broad immunity to presidents for official acts is a dangerous precedent that places presidents above the law and threatens our democracy. By insulating corrupt abuses of power from criminal accountability, the court has provided a "loaded weapon" for presidents to violate rights and liberties with impunity. This imperils the system of checks and balances at the heart of our constitutional republic. We cannot allow this ruling to enable an increasingly authoritarian Republican party to erode democratic norms and institutions. It is imperative that we resist encroachments on civil liberties through all remaining means - civil lawsuits, voting to uphold democratic values, and advocacy to ensure Congressional oversight. Unchecked presidential power is antithetical to freedom and self-governance. I urge you to champion legislation and reforms that restore accountability for presidents and safeguard the rule of law. Propose a constitutional amendment clarifying that no president is immune from criminal liability for official acts. Work to strengthen Congress's authority as a co-equal branch to rein in executive overreach. Our republic's survival hinges on upholding the principle that no one, not even the president, is above the law. Defend democracy from authoritarian backsliding by using every power available to you.

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