Traitors are burning the house from within
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Traitors are burning the house from within

To: Rep. DeGette, Pres. Biden, Sen. Hickenlooper, Sen. Bennet

From: A constituent in Denver, CO

May 23

The MAGA GOP party, is a wicked, vile, Russian-bribery accepting failure of America. Trump, Boebert, MTG, Alito, Clarence and the rest have openly attempted to perform an insurrection of the United States Government; with admission that they will not accept future election results, and that they will instill a Christo-fascist dictatorship as a goal. These people are the single most ungodly, corrupt, criminal, traitorous, rapist, foolish, and wicked. Their support and assistance of Russia, and their election meddling is a clear and concise sign of their desire to betray our country for a handful of Rubles. They must be held accountable, they must be recused, they must be tried and punished for the wickedness that they carry. These people have no good faith, or intention to our country or people, and would sooner sell us to Putin than take accountability for the horrid lives they lead.

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