Urge support for Palestinian human rights, justice through film
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Urge support for Palestinian human rights, justice through film

To: Sen. Schumer, Rep. Kennedy, Sen. Gillibrand

From: A constituent in Buffalo, NY

June 11

The systematic discrimination and oppression of the Palestinian people by the Israeli military occupation is a grave injustice that demands global attention. Where Olive Trees Weep offers a poignant glimpse into the resilience and struggles of Palestinians under this brutal regime. Traumatized civilians, particularly women and children, face relentless violations of their basic human rights through land confiscation, home demolitions, imprisonment, and deprivation of essential resources like water. Despite this harsh reality, the film captures the unbreakable spirit of the Palestinian people, their deep roots in the ancient land, and their unwavering quest for justice. It is a powerful artistic expression that humanizes the oppressed while questioning the ethical blindness of the oppressor. This documentary serves as a crucial catalyst for raising awareness, promoting empathy, and spurring collective action against such systemic oppression. We urge you to amplify the voices echoing through this film by supporting endeavors that uphold Palestinian human rights, foster dialogue, and advocate for a just and lasting resolution to this conflict grounded in equality and dignity for all.

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