An open letter to Sen. Blumenthal, Rep. Himes, Pres. Biden, Sen. Murphy.
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An Open Letter

To: Sen. Blumenthal, Rep. Himes, Pres. Biden, Sen. Murphy

From: A verified voter in Norwalk, CT

April 28

I understand that the Israeli government may be moving ahead with a Rafah operation. This would be catastrophic on all fronts. As an American citizen, a voter, and a taxpayer I want the U.S to do everything in its power to stop it. Relief workers tell us that an invasion of Rafah would be devastating to relief efforts in the territory. Famine, which has already started to set in, would increase exponentially. Egyptian President Abdel Fatah El-Sisi has said a ground offensive would have “catastrophic consequences ” both for the humanitarian situation in war-ravaged Gaza and for broader “regional peace and security.” Worse, these sorts of blanket attacks are not working. Hamas is not defeated. The hostages are no closer to being freed. Israel is hemorrhaging support and so is the Biden administration. It’s a mess. I don’t know how to say this any more clearly. We MUST stop all arms shipments to the Israeli government—at least all offensive arms—until this conflict is over. Benjamin Netanyahu is acting in pure self interest and pursuing an agenda that is antithetical to peace or true democracy. All U.S. support for him and his government must cease, or be predicated on the strongest possible conditions. Just as we abhor Hamas and refuse to enable it, so must we abhor Netanyahu and his far-right government. They have left us no choice. The American people are losing patience. We want this to end. We don’t want our tax dollars funding war crimes. We want the Israeli and Palestinian people to live in safety, peace, and self-determination. And we will not tolerate lawmakers who enable further bloodshed. The U.S. must use its considerable leverage, bring all parties back to the negotiating table, and stop the carnage, now. Thanks.

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