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Free Palestine

To: Sen. Baldwin, Pres. Biden, Sen. Johnson

From: A constituent in Appleton, WI

May 15

I am writing today to ask that the U.S. end our involvement in the ongoing destruction of Gaza. Far too many innocent children are dying as a result of our seemingly unconditional support of Israel. I, and millions of others, feel betrayed that our tax dollars are being used to fund this slaughter. In addition, we are ashamed that the U.S. stands in opposition to international efforts to recognize the rights of Palestinians (such as the bid for Palestinian membership in the UN, which was vetoed by the U.S. despite overwhelming support from the rest of the world).  Today commemorates the Nakba, the murder and displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians to make way for the Israeli state. That oppression continues in the violent ethnic cleansing taking place today. Are these the ideals of freedom and justice that America stands for? ( Quite frankly, I feel ashamed to be an American, and I beg you to take action to ensure the U.S. does not continue to stand in the way of peace.

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