Restore Supreme Court integrity and balance through expansion
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Restore Supreme Court integrity and balance through expansion

To: Pres. Biden, Rep. McGarvey, Sen. McConnell, Sen. Paul

From: A constituent in Louisville, KY

May 9

The Supreme Court's conservative majority has repeatedly undermined fundamental rights and settled precedent on issues like voting rights, campaign finance, union rights, and access to abortion. This court threatens core democratic principles and has lost credibility through unethical practices and McConnell's court-packing of conservative ideologues. To restore integrity, independence, and balance to this broken institution, Congress should exercise its constitutional authority to expand the Court by adding four or more seats. Expanding the Supreme Court would not be "court-packing" - it would merely rebalance a court that has already been packed by Republican partisans who stole seats and rammed through nominees. Expanding the Court could help restore public faith in an impartial judiciary committed to equal justice rather than advancing a radical agenda opposed by most Americans. The Court's current extremist supermajority threatens core rights for generations, and measured reform through Court expansion is necessary to protect our democracy.

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