Request for Further Investigation into TikTok Ban Implications
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Request for Further Investigation into TikTok Ban Implications

To: Sen. Durbin, Rep. Casten, Sen. Duckworth

From: A constituent in Burr Ridge, IL

April 24

The recent bipartisan bill passed by Congress, which threatens to ban TikTok due to concerns over its Chinese ownership and potential national security risks, raises significant concerns. This legislation, which gives ByteDance nine months to sell the app or face a nationwide ban, could have profound implications for the livelihoods of TikTok creators and young users. It is crucial to consider the potential social and economic impacts of such a ban. Therefore, it is requested that further investigation into the actual national security risks posed by TikTok be conducted before enforcing such a drastic measure. This will ensure a balanced approach that safeguards national security without unduly impacting the lives of millions of users.

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