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Verified VoterVernon Hills, IL

Uphold Supreme Court integrity and ethics amid 2020 election concerns.

The Supreme Court's integrity is of paramount importance for upholding the rule of law and ensuring equal justice for all. The recent reports regarding Justice Alito's potential conflict of interest in cases related to the 2020 election and the January 6th insurrection are deeply concerning. Justice

Verified VoterMarengo, IL

Repeal archaic Comstock Act to safeguard reproductive rights

The Comstock Act, an archaic 1873 law banning the mailing of obscene materials and articles used for abortion, poses a grave threat to reproductive rights and must be repealed. While the Biden Administration has correctly interpreted the law narrowly to avoid criminalizing medication abortion, a fut

Map PinKewanee, IL

Support HR 8061 to aid child abuse survivors

Tragically, too many children face the unimaginable trauma of abuse and violence. It is imperative that we prioritize their healing and provide robust funding for organizations like Children's Advocacy Centers that offer vital services and support. By co-sponsoring HR 8061, the Crime Victims Fund St

Verified VoterLa Grange, IL

Please stop persisting in this amoral and unnecessary support of Israel! All the world can see that this has gone far far far beyond self defense. It’s genocide. It’s colonialism. It’s murder. And yet Congress persists, with funds and weapons, and support, and meaningless verbal reprimands (which

Verified VoterChicago, IL

Stop sending military aid to Israel until there is a cease fire

I do not want my tax dollars to fund genocide and famine. I do not support sending any military aid to Israel until Netanyahu agrees to a Cease Fire that prioritizes ending the humanitarian crisis and freeing Israeli hostages. The Prime Minister has not been moved by any speeches on the floor or c

Verified VoterMarengo, IL

Support community gardening in our schools

The Thriving Community Gardens Act seeks to authorize the use of federal education funds for developing and maintaining school and community gardens. This is a worthwhile endeavor that can benefit students and communities in multiple ways. Teaching gardening skills is indeed a valuable experience th

Map PinWinfield, IL

Demand ceasefire, facilitate aid for Israel-Hamas conflict

The latest violence between Israel and Hamas has caused immense suffering and loss of innocent lives. As an elected representative, I urge you to use your influence to demand an immediate ceasefire and facilitate massive humanitarian aid to the region. Providing weapons and funding that enable this

Map PinChicago, IL

It absolutely baffles me how you can see all the information about Israel, a terrorist state, and not be screaming at the top of your lungs calling for a permanent ceasefire and humanitarian aid to poor in to Gaza - without restrictions. If it is not clear to you that Israel is a terrorist state you

Map PinChicago, IL

Thank you reintroducing the constitutional amendment to codify the right to vote into law. It is well past time that Congress acts to enshrine full voter rights into law. We need to squash the ridiculous amount of voter suppression tactics by Republicans. You have full throated support for this legi

Map PinOak Park, IL

Demand an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza

END IT NOW: Demand an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza Demand an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza to stop the bloodshed and allow for desperately needed aid to reach the besieged territory. This senseless conflict has caused immense suffering, displacing hundreds of thousands an

Map PinChicago, IL

Request for Immediate Presidential Pardon of Marilyn Mosby

Subject: Request for Immediate Presidential Pardon of Marilyn Mosby I am writing to you as a concerned citizen deeply committed to justice and fairness in our legal system. Today, I wish to bring to your immediate attention the case of Ms. Marilyn Mosby, the former Baltimore City State's Attorney,

Verified VoterBatavia, IL

Urgent: Trade Embargo Israel

I am writing to you urgently regarding the dire situation unfolding in Rafah, Gaza, where Israel’s relentless bombing campaign is exacerbating the humanitarian crisis, particularly by targeting vital healthcare infrastructure. Medical Aid for Palestine (MAP) has reported that Dr. Marwan Homs, head o

Map PinWorden, IL

S.701 - Women’s Health Protection Act of 2023

This legislation is crucial in safeguarding the fundamental right to abortion access nationwide. By prohibiting governmental restrictions on the provision of abortion services, it upholds the principles of bodily autonomy and reproductive freedom. Furthermore, the inclusion of provisions ensuring im

Map PinCalumet City, IL

Gender-based violence, which disproportionately impacts women and girls, is a pervasive human rights violation that demands comprehensive action. Schools play a crucial role in shaping attitudes and behaviors from an early age. Requiring age-appropriate education on preventing gender-based violence,

Verified VoterChicago, IL

Do they matter?

Dear [Elected Official’s Name], I write to you today with a heavy heart regarding the tragic loss of innocent lives in Gaza, exemplified by the heartbreaking images of two boys crushed under the rubble of a residential block bombed by Israel in Rafah. Just hours before they were murdered by Israel

Map PinChicago, IL

I am your constituent and I am fed up with “facility fees” added to medical bills. Even if the process were transparent, we have to pay them anyway to get to our doctor or have our outpatient procedures/tests performed. Some companies even add them on to tele-health phone calls. This is another w

Map PinChicago, IL

America must support our closest ally countries unconditionally!

I’m a constituent from Chicago and longtime supporter of the Democratic Party, but the gradual abandonment of Israel during their existential war against Hamas is appalling. Every day I read about more blood libels being repeated by President Biden or his administration. As universities across the c

Map PinChicago, IL

I understand that Republicans in Congress have just rolled out a new proposal that cuts a full one-sixth of the budget for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This, at the same time that the H5N1 “bird flu” is ripping across America, decimating bird flocks and even infecting a few

Map PinWinfield, IL

Respect student speech, avoid heavy-handed campus crackdowns

The recent surge in arrests and use of force against student protesters at universities across the nation is deeply concerning. While colleges have a responsibility to maintain safety on campus, responding to peaceful demonstrations with police violence and mass arrests undermines fundamental princi

Map PinChicago, IL

What a sad day, watching way too many democrats work with republicans to curtail free speech. Not only watching the curbing of our first amendment rights, but the energy put in to this bill could’ve gone in to something useful…healthcare, food security, rights of First Nations people, etc. But no, d

Map PinChicago, IL

Your work and votes criminalizing the protests on College campuses is a disgrace. Your devotion to exploding brown people into submission and then to make sure that any criticism of that is criminal is one of the most outrageous genocidal actions I've ever seen in my life. Voting for the Antisemitis

Map PinChicago, IL

AM Radio for Every Vehicle Act

I’m writing about the importance of preserving AM radio stations for dependable news, traffic, sports, weather and vital emergency updates. Unlike satellite radio or streaming, local broadcast radio is always available with no cellular data, subscription or signal required. Despite this, some auto

Map PinScott Air Force Base, IL

Invasion of Rafah

Palestinian civilians in Gaza deserve to LIVE. Please act NOW to stop the Israeli invasion of Rafah.

Map PinChicago, IL

As of yesterday, 4/27, another grim milestone is passed in Israel's genocide - every single person in Gaza has no clean water. This includes all hospitals, all refugee encampments - everyone everywhere is now exposed to the already rapidly spreading water-borne illnesses. Cholera and other diseases

Map PinChicago Heights, IL

I’m a long Covid patient. I’ve had a lot of fatigue, brain fog, fainting, gastroparesis, jittery nerves, & couldn’t read books for 3yrs. I was recently evaluated @ Northwestern long Covid neurology clinic. During this appt, they discovered I had some cognitive decline & prescribed an old antiviral

Map PinChicago, IL


Ceasefire now! Stop supporting genocide. I will not be voting in the 2024 election and will participate in any protest actions outside the DNC in 2024 until such time that Joe Biden and the US Government stop supporting genocide. Stop letting the future generations literally and metaphorically burn

Map PinChicago, IL

26 billions more dollars given to a terrorist state. No strings attached. While millions of Americans are struggling. I am a former teacher. I was disabled on the job. I had to resign from my dream position - teaching 8th grade social studies and science. I loved my job so much. It wasn’t without it

Map PinChicago, IL

“Is this the democracy we are supposed to be protecting?” This a comment on a video of police violence on peaceful protesters. A perfect question to ask as we watch students and professors brutalized for asking that their places of education do not profit off of genocide. There are no more univers

Map PinChicago, IL


As an Illinois resident I am appalled to hear that Northwestern University is threatening to arrest peaceful protestors on campus. The student’s free speech must be protected, and it is shameful that the university is still investing in Israel despite Israel’s ongoing genocide of Palestinians. As

Map PinChicago, IL

It has become very clear since the start of Israel’s genocide that your votes belong solely to your donors, and in the past few weeks as you have voted to diminish First and Fourth Amendment rights, it has become even clearer that your goal is to stay in power and not to actually govern. I have wr

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