The Issue that will affect my vote in all future elections
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The Issue that will affect my vote in all future elections

To: Sen. Schmitt, Sen. Hawley, Rep. Wagner, Pres. Biden

From: A verified voter in Warrenton, MO

May 29

As you know over the Memorial Day weekend, Israel deliberately targeted Rafah, a refuge for nearly 2 million displaced Palestinians, including 600,000 children. We are seeing horrifying online footage of people burned alive, charred bodies, and a beheaded child. Your administration’s unwavering support for Israel has been endorsing and enabling a genocide on Palestinians, and you bear responsibility for war crimes. I urge you to demonstrate humanity and change your course of action. I call for: - A permanent ceasefire in Gaza, - Stop arming and funding Israel; instead redirect resources to humanitarian organizations such as UNRWA, - Uphold laws and human rights standards that protect Palestinian rights and work towards their liberation. Free Palestine!

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