Keep Working to Protect Reproductive Rights
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Keep Working to Protect Reproductive Rights

To: Sen. Warner, Pres. Biden, Sen. Kaine, Rep. Wexton

From: A verified voter in Sterling, VA

June 6

The Right to Contraception Act didn't pass the Senate today, and that's absurd. But we know Republicans are out to ban contraception in all its forms, so that's not exactly a surprise. That said, as your constituent, I expect you to keep trying to codify women's rights and reproductive health rights. We need to try harder to protect the right to contraceptive methods and abortion. And we can't give up, because we all know what will happen if we do. Further, these HAVE to be protected at the federal level. If we fail to protect these rights for the nation, we know we'll be clawing and fighting for everything day in and day out for decades, in every state. So I am pleading with you to keep going and do everything you can to enshrine women's healthcare and reproductive rights now, before it's too late.

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