Support community gardening in our schools
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Support community gardening in our schools

To: Sen. Durbin, Rep. Foster, Sen. Duckworth

From: A verified voter in Marengo, IL

May 15

The Thriving Community Gardens Act seeks to authorize the use of federal education funds for developing and maintaining school and community gardens. This is a worthwhile endeavor that can benefit students and communities in multiple ways. Teaching gardening skills is indeed a valuable experience that has been lost over time. School gardens offer a hands-on opportunity for children to learn about growing their own food, fostering an appreciation for nutrition and healthy eating habits from an early age. Beyond the educational merits, community gardens also provide an affordable source of fresh produce, which can help reduce household grocery costs - an important consideration given the ongoing challenges with food insecurity. By passing this bill, we can revive the lost art of gardening while simultaneously promoting wellness, environmental stewardship, and community engagement through collaborative gardening projects. I urge you to support this practical and impactful legislation.

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