Protect fair elections, approve S 2575
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Protect fair elections, approve S 2575

To: Sen. Cruz, Sen. Cornyn, Rep. Crockett, Pres. Biden

From: A verified voter in Dallas, TX

June 11

The Preventing Election Subversion Act of 2023 (S 2575), sponsored by Raphael G. Warnock, seeks to protect the integrity of federal elections by establishing reasonable standards for the suspension or removal of local election administrators. It prevents their unjustified removal by requiring a finding of inefficiency, neglect of duty, or malfeasance before removal can occur. The bill also safeguards the rights of voters by prohibiting formal challenges to voter eligibility from anyone other than election officials, unless the challenger has documented personal knowledge and attests under penalty of perjury to a good faith belief in the voter's ineligibility. These measures are crucial to maintaining fair and impartial election administration. Allowing the unwarranted removal of local officials or enabling unchecked voter challenges risks undermining public trust and disenfranchising eligible voters. Adopting clear, uniform standards helps insulate the process from partisan interference or voter intimidation tactics. Approving this legislation would uphold the right to vote and the democratic principles upon which our nation was founded.

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