An open letter to Sen. Schumer, Rep. Meng, Sen. Gillibrand.
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An Open Letter

To: Sen. Schumer, Rep. Meng, Sen. Gillibrand

From: A constituent in Forest Hills, NY

May 7

I am writing today to ask you to sign on to your colleagues’ letter demanding the Leahy Law be applied to Israel’s actions in Gaza. It is clear that the IDF has committed human rights violations in Gaza yet the Leahy Law has not been applied appropriately in this case. Israel must face consequences for their actions in Gaza. Senators Welch, Durbin, Van Hollen, Merkley, Sanders, Schatz, Heinrich, Smith, and Hirono have written a letter on this subject. I would like to ask you to signal your support for this letter as it is inexcusable for the US to be complicit in the atrocities being committed by the IDF in Gaza. Thank you for your consideration.

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