National Security supplemental bill
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National Security supplemental bill

To: Rep. Strong, Sen. Britt, Sen. Tuberville

From: A verified voter in Madison, AL

February 7

The bipartisan proposal under consideration, which includes a $118 billion package for border enforcement policy and aid for Ukraine, Israel, and other allies, is crucial for national security and global stability. Ukraine's sovereignty, currently threatened by an invasion, is directly linked to our own security. The bill also offers a more efficient process for evaluating asylum claims and provides work authorizations for migrants in the asylum system. It may not fix all the problems at the border, but it will go a long way to improving things and making us more secure. It is certainly a good first step. It is alarming that the former president is campaigning against this bipartisan bill in order to make things look bad for Biden. That is further evidence to me of his unsuitability for office. What about the lives hanging in the balance over the next year? Is it a problem or not? If it’s a problem, then don’t sit on a solution. Failure to pass the bill, especially refusal to even bring it up for a vote, is a blatant signal that there is no sincere concern about border security, and that it is simply a political game to manipulate voters at the expense of our national security.Therefore, I urge you and your colleagues to support this bill and ensure its progression to a vote. The importance of continued support to Ukraine and the maintenance of a secure border cannot be overstated.

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