Support ICJ ruling, end Israeli occupation for lasting peace
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Support ICJ ruling, end Israeli occupation for lasting peace

To: Sen. Durbin, Sen. Duckworth

From: A constituent in Gilberts, IL

May 24

The International Court of Justice's advisory opinion affirmed that Israel's occupation of Palestinian territories violates international law, signaling the imperative for resolution through diplomacy and respect for human rights on all sides. In light of this authoritative ruling, I urge support for the court's decision and decisive steps towards ending the occupation to achieve a just and lasting peace agreement that upholds self-determination and human dignity for both Israelis and Palestinians. The arrest warrants for Hamas and Netanyahu exemplify the gravity of upholding rule of law and accountability from all parties to break the perpetual cycle of conflict and suffering. Principled leadership is crucial to forge a viable path forward through negotiations rather than unilateral actions that enflame tensions.

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