Urgent Appeal to Oppose the Copperwood Mine Grant
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Urgent Appeal to Oppose the Copperwood Mine Grant

To: Rep. Arbit, Gov. Whitmer, Sen. Bayer

From: A verified voter in West Bloomfield, MI

June 11

I am writing to you with grave concerns regarding the proposed $50 million grant from the Michigan Strategic Fund to the Copperwood Mine project. As a concerned citizen deeply committed to safeguarding our state's natural resources, particularly our invaluable lakes, I implore you to oppose this grant and prioritize the well-being of our environment and communities. ## The Imminent Threat to Lake Superior The Copperwood Mine project poses an alarming threat to the pristine waters of Lake Superior, one of the world's largest freshwater seas. According to a recent model released by the Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission, a rupture in the proposed waste facility's west side could result in toxic waste reaching Lake Superior within minutes. This catastrophic scenario would have devastating consequences for the lake's delicate ecosystem and the countless species that depend on its clean waters. ## The Threat of Metallic Sulfide Waste Furthermore, the mining operation would generate an astonishing 98.55% of waste material, necessitating the construction of a massive metallic sulfide waste facility in close proximity to Lake Superior. This poses an unacceptable risk to the lake's water quality and the health of the surrounding ecosystems, as well as the communities that rely on this vital resource for drinking water, recreation, and economic activities. ## A Call to Action Water is the essence of life, and we have a moral obligation to protect it for future generations. As stewards of our state's natural resources, it is imperative that we prioritize the well-being of our lakes and the communities that depend on them over short-term economic gains. I urge you to stand firm in your commitment to environmental protection and reject the proposed $50 million grant for the Copperwood Mine project. Let us work together to safeguard our precious lakes and ensure a sustainable future for Michigan.

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