Don’t allow xenophobia to harm Americans currently using DJI drones
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Don’t allow xenophobia to harm Americans currently using DJI drones

To: Rep. Beatty, Pres. Biden, Sen. Vance, Sen. Brown

From: A constituent in Blacklick, OH

May 31

The proposed "Countering CCP Drones Act" aims to block new DJI products from entering the U.S. market and could revoke their existing FCC authorizations. This legislation would severely disrupt the drone industry ecosystem, including operators, businesses, and public safety agencies that rely on DJI's advanced technologies for safe and efficient operations. The inaccurate allegations and xenophobic narratives driving this act are detrimental to innovation and market competition. DJI has been transparent about its data handling practices, offering options like Local Data Mode to ensure user privacy. The company has continuously invested in robust security measures, developing products strictly for peaceful civilian use. Banning DJI based on its country of origin undermines principles of fair competition and technological neutrality. Instead of restricting market access, lawmakers should collaborate with industry leaders to develop comprehensive security standards that raise the bar for all manufacturers, irrespective of their nationality. Allowing xenophobia to dictate FCC policies will hamper technological development and harm American interests in the long run. An evidence-based approach focusing on aviation safety and data protection is the prudent way forward.

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