Do your job: castigate Senator Collins for lies, censure Alito
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Do your job: castigate Senator Collins for lies, censure Alito

To: Sen. Collins, Rep. Golden, Sen. King

From: A verified voter in Lewiston, ME

June 11

Maine deserves a Supreme Court untainted by Alito's blatant impropriety and electeds who do not undermine the rule of law by lying about a New York prosecutor or casting aspersions on a properly conducted jury trial. Please fix the Supreme Court: it's too small for the work before it. Too much goes to the shadow docket. Samuel Alito reveals more shocking improper partiality ever week. More records of gifts accepted by Clarence Thomas have just come out. You know that when democracy crumbles into fascism partisan attacks on the judicial system and threats against it are part of that process. It's your job to not make such attacks. Latest revelations about Alito's partisanship and judicial bias are shocking. Do your job

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