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Verified VoterLewiston, ME

Fix scotus and attend to the perils to our democracy

I am outraged by the appearance of corruption and actual partisanship of the Supreme Court especially of Alito and Thomas: so many revelations about gifts and free holidays, so many partisan flags, so much bad faith double talk. And now the decision about bump stocks. Read Robert Hubbell: "As Justi

Verified VoterAuburn, ME

I ask you to prioritize the nutrition, health and wellbeing of your senior constituents by providing at least $1,284,385,000 for Older Americans Act (OAA) Nutrition Programs, like Meals on Wheels, in the Labor-HHS-Education Appropriations Bill.

Verified VoterAuburn, ME

I urge you to support S455, protecting the right to IVF treatment at the Federal level.

Map PinBangor, ME

Vote Yes on Right to IVF Act, Protect Reproductive Freedoms

The Right to IVF Act would make IVF legal in all states, eliminating barriers for millions of American families seeking to use this vital fertility treatment to start or grow their family. With overwhelming public support for protecting access to IVF, advancing this legislation demonstrates a commit

Verified VoterLewiston, ME

Do your job: castigate Senator Collins for lies, censure Alito

Maine deserves a Supreme Court untainted by Alito's blatant impropriety and electeds who do not undermine the rule of law by lying about a New York prosecutor or casting aspersions on a properly conducted jury trial. Please fix the Supreme Court: it's too small for the work before it. Too much goe

Verified VoterPortland, ME

Restore interlibrary loa

MaineCat is a gem and something we rely on as readers in the state of Maine. As a reader yourself, I’m sure you agree. Please do whatever you can to ensure the funding is available to keep this extraordinary literary service (interlibrary loan) available across the state.

Verified VoterPortland, ME

Print the equal rights amendment now

The inability of Congress to pass legislation ensuring the right to contraception is shocking. You must do all you can to print the equal rights amendment into the Constitution. We simply do not have any branch of government that we trust, and that threatens democracy at its very core. American wom

Verified VoterLeeds, ME

Thank you for voting in favor of the Right to Contraception Act. While it did not pass, I appreciate your vote. That being said, I do not recognize this country and my family is genuinely concerned about where we are going.

Verified VoterPortland, ME

Biden’s EO on immigration is wrong

As a member of the community in Portland Maine, my life is enormously enriched by my friends who are new to this country. These are humans who serve our community in myriad ways, who are interesting and unique. New Mainers start businesses which bring new ideas, skills, and arts into our collectiv

Verified VoterPortland, ME

Trump isn’t above law, Susan.

Susan Collins, your response to the verdict in the trump hush money case is despicable. You’ve once again chosen Party over your people. A jury, chosen under great scrutiny, found him guilty of 34 of the 34 charges against him. The charges were brought because the defendants behavior was illegal.

Map PinBrunswick, ME

I urge you to advocate immediately and forcefully for the impeachment of Samuel Alito. His refusal to recuse himself from the upcoming cases involving Donald Trump and the January 6 insurrectionists is just the latest instance of a pattern of corruption. To have an insurrectionist flag fly at your h

Verified VoterPortland, ME

Climate change is urgent

It is unthinkable that Mexico City is counting down to no water and we are conducting “business as usual” plus adding precious seconds to the doomsday clock by supporting carbon intensive wars. We must address climate catastrophe with all our collective will.

Verified VoterCumberland Center, ME

Preserve state pesticide protections in new farm bill

The pesticide industry is aggressively pushing for provisions in the new farm bill that would undermine states' ability to regulate dangerous pesticides within their borders. Specific language in the draft bill would preempt state and local laws restricting pesticide use, preventing jurisdictions fr

Verified VoterLewiston, ME

Senate judiciary must investigate Alito and Thomas

Alito and Thomas warrant full Senate Judiciary investigations into their possible public corruption. There is more than enough already out there to start an inquiry with teeth. Please ask your colleagues on the senate judiciary to open investigations and to summon both in for questions under oath

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