$20 Billion to Israel and TikTok
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$20 Billion to Israel and TikTok

To: Sen. Fetterman, Sen. Casey

From: A verified voter in Cranberry Township, PA

April 24

The bill both of you passed for $20 billion to fund a genocide and strong-arming TikTok to be sold or banned is atrocious. The carnage is not comparable. 33,000 Palestinians have lost their lives, 24 times the death toll of Israel. While you may not have morality to realize that, I do. You have stolen 22% of my income to fund brutally killing 33,000 people. Where is your HUMANITY? Banning TikTok limits the speech of 170 million Americans. Find a better way to protect our data if that’s really the issue,or provide another uncensored platform for 170 million of us to communicate.

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