Voter Suppression of Independents
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Voter Suppression of Independents

To: Rep. Cabell, Sen. Baker, Gov. Shapiro

From: A verified voter in Hunlock Creek, PA

April 30

The law in the state of Pennsylvania needs to change. Constituents who register as "Independent" are unable to vote in the Primaries, and that means 1/3 of the registered voters have no voice. Our vote is being suppressed. In most states, that is not the case. Now, it seems that a small number of Republicans have chosen our State Representative. The news has said that whichever candidate wins the 117th district PRIMARY is now my Representative, because no Democrats ran. So, in other words, the Democrats ALSO had no voice in the vote. 2/3 of all of the voters in our district had their vote suppressed. 2/3. 67%. That is a lot of voters without a voice. Laws MUST be changed. 1/3 of the voters should not get to choose the Representative for ALL of us. My vote should count. I should AT THE VERY LEAST get to vote AGAINST the most evil, controlling, and anti-democratic candidates that are offered in NEPA. Please introduce legislation to change the law. Those of us who register as Independents should be allowed to vote. This is reminiscent of Jim Crow Laws that kept an entire group of people from exercising their right to vote. The fact that people don't want to be associated with either political party should not prevent them from lawfully voting.

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