Support for people with FASD
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Support for people with FASD

To: Sen. Cantwell, Sen. Murray, Rep. Schrier

From: A verified voter in Orting, WA

May 29

FASD has highlighted the need for comprehensive legislation like the FASD Respect Act. I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to urge your support for S.1800/HR.3946, the FASD Respect Act. Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders rning disabilities, heart defects, hearing impairments, and more. A recent prevalence study showing that 1 in 20 first graders nationwide are impacted by (FASD) are a group of lifelong conditions that can occur in a person who was prenatally exposed to alcohol. The effects can include mental health and lea pport individuals with FASD and their families. -02] and reauthorizes FASD programming that supports individuals with FASD and their caregivers. Notably, the FASD Respect Act would establish the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Centers for Excellence to build local, Tribal, State, and national capacities to both prevent prenatal alcohol exposure and su This bi-partisan bill was introduced in the Senate by Senator Lisa Murkowski [R-AK] and in the House of Representatives by Representative Don Bacon [R-NE on on this bill please contact Chris Melfi, FASD United Policy coordinator at Supporting S.1800/HR.3946, the FASD Respect Act as a cosponsor would show the more than 6 million individuals with an FASD nationwide. For more informati

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