An open letter to Sen. Bennet, Rep. Pettersen, Sen. Hickenlooper.
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An Open Letter

To: Sen. Bennet, Rep. Pettersen, Sen. Hickenlooper

From: A constituent in Denver, CO

July 8

In order to defeat fascism from taking over in November if trump is elected, we must back Joe Biden. Dividing the ticket, calling for him to quit, pearl clutching at the ad nauseam reporting by the media about Joe Biden’s age when there are much more concerning stories like Project 2025 and the Epstein files that need a spotlight is how we lose. A united coalition is needed to prevent the death of the greatest experiment that is our democracy. I implore you to PUBLICLY call out support for Joe Biden and to chastise your fellow democrats in Congress who seem to think a new candidate at this point would at all work and not tank voter turnout. It is unconscionable that we are arguing about the age of the president who has done more for this country than the last few presidents and not levying the same levels of attack against the other candidate who will bring fascism to our shores. The time for finding a new candidate that has the backing of the coalition passed when primaries finished. Changing that now would be vocalizing the votes of millions of Americans don’t count. Support Joe Biden. Call out fellow Dems for this voter suppressive tactic. And call out the main stream media for the unbalanced reporting in the name of their own profits over informing the public. This is shameful.

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