President Biden Must Halt His Re-Election Campaign
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President Biden Must Halt His Re-Election Campaign

To: Sen. Schumer, Sen. Gillibrand, Rep. Tonko

From: A constituent in Cohoes, NY

June 30

It is with great sadness that I write this but I feel it is absolutely necessary for me to state my views regarding the upcoming Presidential election. After watching the debate between former President Trump and President Biden, it is completely clear that neither is fit for the office of President. I have been a strong supporter of President Biden and even stronger opponent of former President Trump. However, President Biden clearly is not capable of properly running the country for a second term. Mr. Trump poses the greatest threat to the future of the United States since the Civil War and sadly President Biden clearly is not the answer. Many, many life-long democrats, including myself, are aghast and befuddled, and no longer know how we will vote in the upcoming election. I am acutely aware that a vote for any candidate besides President Biden could take much needed votes away from him and give the election to Mr. Trump. However, I can not with good conscious, vote for President Biden. His mental capacity is not able to handle even the routine, day-to-day functioning of the Office of the President, let alone properly handle the countless unexpected events that he must deal with on a regular basis. It is imperative that President Biden halt his campaign before the Democratic National Comvention so that a truly capable candidate be selected. We need a truly energetic candidate with charisma, youth, and a true match against Mr. Trump. I can see no other way for there to be any chance of defeating the former President and saving American democracy.

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