Amend the constitution for SCOTUS accountability
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Amend the constitution for SCOTUS accountability

To: Pres. Biden, Sen. Hickenlooper, Sen. Bennet, Rep. DeGette

From: A constituent in Denver, CO

June 11

The more reports that are uncovered about Alito and the SCOTUS: the more we must move to amend the constitution. We, as a free nation, must establish an amendment to add an additional set of checks-and-balances against a corrupt governmental institution. There can be in impartiality, when dark money spreads from far-right circles, to directly influence individuals who legislate from the bench. There can be no equity, when those in power openly speak of a far-right Christo-fascist ideals, or discuss their unwavering commitment to dangerous policies and practices. There can be no accountability: when the only effective judge of impartiality is the individual’s own conscience— or lack thereof. We must act to save our country from extremists, whose only desire is to eradicate vulnerable people groups: such as the LGBTQ community. Please: act for our community, for our safety, and for our freedoms.

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