The Supreme Court has overstepped its authority and descended into corrpution
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The Supreme Court has overstepped its authority and descended into corrpution

To: Sen. Warnock, Sen. Ossoff, Rep. Loudermilk

From: A verified voter in Marietta, GA

July 8

I'm writing today to ask you to support Rep. Ocasio- Cortez' impeachment of the activist Supreme Court justices and their destruction of the rule of law in this country. Justices Thomas and Alito both have connectons to Donald Trump's Stop the Steal organization, which inaccurately and illegally maintains that Donald Trump won the 2020 election. They then supported absolute immunity from that would allow Trump and the the executive branch unlimited power. The Supreme Court essentially created a path to name their own king. A king who tried to overthrow the US government. Additionally the conservative justices lied under oath when asked if they would support or overturn long-standing legal precedence. They all said no, however Thomas, Alito, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett have repeatedly worked to overturn law they said was settled during their confirmation hearings while Roberts allows this corruption to go unchecked. They lied. They said they would maintain Roe v. Wade, and they overturned it the moment it was possible. The conservative justices are deeply corrupt. They have taken money and contributions from a number of sources in exchange for voting in their favor. Thomas and Alito in particular are bought and paid for, receiving money and gifts from billionaire Harlan Crowe in exchange for favorable opinions. There is no system of checks and balances left. The Supreme Court has been hijacked by conservatives who seek to undermine the rule of law to fit their view of the world and it is absolutely unacceptable. This cannot stand. If this continues, the American experiment as we know it will be brought to an end.

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