Stop wasting my money on your wars
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Stop wasting my money on your wars

To: Rep. Pelosi, Sen. Padilla, Sen. Butler, Pres. Biden

From: A verified voter in San Francisco, CA

May 3

It’s unfortunate that the lower and middle class of this country continue to be voiceless, unwilling participants in the United States’ wars and colonialism. Instead of funding education, arts, social services and healthcare, you are spending OUR billions of tax money on wars that no one wants or signed up to support. We do not support genocide in Gaza but your refusal to speak out against the killing of thousands of innocent Palestinians is horrendous. Instead, you send police and national guards to arrest hundreds of innocent college protestors at institutions of knowledge, where peaceful practices of free speech are turned violent by those who are supposed to “serve and protect.” In an election year, this is really making me question my support of the Democratic Party because we have become just as bad as the far right. I hope you reconsider your funding of war and instead turn your attention back to the millions of Americans who are in need. Our healthcare, schools, infrastructure are failing and those billions of dollars you’re spending on killing abroad could save millions of lives here.

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