Halt military aid enabling civilian harm in Rafah
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Halt military aid enabling civilian harm in Rafah

To: Sen. Cornyn, Pres. Biden, Sen. Cruz, Rep. Jackson Lee

From: A constituent in Humble, TX

May 10

The United States should not provide weapons or military support to Israel for any offensive operations that could endanger civilian lives. The alarming potential for civilian casualties in a major Israeli invasion of the densely populated city of Rafah is unacceptable. Withholding military aid that enables such actions is a necessary step to uphold human rights and prevent further escalation of violence against Palestinian civilians. The American people have a moral imperative to wield our influence responsibly and deny assistance for operations that risk inflicting widespread harm on innocent people trapped in this conflict zone. I urge you to take decisive action to halt the transfer of offensive weaponry to Israel should they proceed with plans for a large-scale assault on Rafah.

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