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To: Sen. Padilla, Sen. Butler, Pres. Biden, Rep. Garamendi

From: A constituent in Hercules, CA

June 29

Ladies and gentlemen, I am an independent voter, a so called “double hater”. I am the exact person you should be listening to, but I’m also someone who literally has made a career out of tracking how ideas move through groups, social and group dynamics, and so forth, and the collective Democratic reply to the debate was not only annoying, it was sad. You seem to have no memory of how the fallout from a debate works. How can you whine and wince on like Biden ruined everything? Because you are falling prey to a perspective. You were hanging in every single detail, looking for the flaw. Of course you will see one. Dropping Biden now w would be a massive mistake, and I hope to god you aren’t contemplating it. Trump said not one true word, and the left is furious with how you’ve talked about the debate. I offer you a link to this video. Read the comments if you can handle it. The left is furious with Democrats. And it’s because you are cowards. We do not break and bend like they do. That’s why we are different. Biden’s record and world wide pull is bigger than the lies of one buffoon. Rally, fact check, and stand firm, or you will lose.

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