Protect Open Internet: Preserve Crucial Section 230 Provision
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Protect Open Internet: Preserve Crucial Section 230 Provision

To: Sen. Schumer, Sen. Gillibrand, Rep. Meng

From: A constituent in Forest Hills, NY

May 14

The proposed repeal of Section 230 threatens the open internet and online free speech. Section 230 enables websites to moderate user-generated content without being overwhelmed by legal liability. Removing this protection would force many platforms to either over-censor speech or cease content moderation entirely, creating an uninviting environment. Section 230 strikes a crucial balance by incentivizing platforms to remove truly pernicious content like illegal activities and obscenity, while allowing a wide range of legal speech to flourish. Undermining this framework will cripple the internet's potential for open discourse, creativity, and innovation. Lawmakers proposing this repeal fundamentally misunderstand Section 230's role and purpose. Rather than exploiting a loophole, it allows good-faith efforts to curate online spaces according to companies' values and community standards. Allegations of harm to children are unsubstantiated - tech companies actively invest in protecting youth online, efforts Section 230 empowers. I urge you to oppose measures repealing or eroding Section 230. Preserving this provision is vital for a free and open internet that fosters creativity, democratic dialogue, and technological progress. Rash action against Section 230 will reverberate negatively across the entire online ecosystem. We need balanced, evidence-based policies, not reactionary moves that dismantle pivotal internet laws.

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