An open letter to Sen. Lankford, Rep. Brecheen, Sen. Mullin.
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An Open Letter

To: Sen. Lankford, Rep. Brecheen, Sen. Mullin

From: A constituent in Kingston, OK

July 11

Oklahoma Governor Stitt and his cronies at the State House turned down the Federal children’s summer food program for Oklahoma’s many hungry children. Please don’t let the Farm Bill make matters worse. Vote against reductions in SNAP benefits. It is past time for claiming you are a Christian. It is time to act like a Christian. Caring for the least of us rather than marching to the orders of the worst of us. If you care nothing about what your constituents need or think, you might consider what you are going to say to God when he asks why you would withhold food assistance from your impoverished neighbors/constituents when you had a chance to help them. I’m guessing he’s not buying whatever Bull you Republicans are selling.

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