An open letter to Rep. Deasy, Sen. Fontana, Gov. Shapiro.
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An Open Letter

To: Rep. Deasy, Sen. Fontana, Gov. Shapiro

From: A verified voter in Crafton, PA

May 31

Mask bans are a dangerous violation of our rights. All of us, and especially those who are disabled and immunocompromised, need to be able to freely protect ourselves in our daily lives. Mask bans will make public space even more unsafe and inaccessible. I have continued to routinely wear a mask as an asthmatic to protect my self and my loved ones. Masks are a medical necessity for keeping my family safe as viruses of all sorts continue to circulate. When I wear a mask in public I am ensuring I am not a vector for RSV for my grandchild, a COVID and therefore a death risk for my best friend, and I am keeping my grandmother safe from the flu. Masking saves lives. I am asking if you have heard of any plans to introduce mask bans in our state, and I am registering my dissent - I hope you will join me.

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