America is Falling Apart the Debate Only Solidified That
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America is Falling Apart the Debate Only Solidified That

To: Pres. Biden, Rep. Webster, Sen. Scott, Sen. Rubio

From: A constituent in Windermere, FL

June 29

The Presidential debate was abhorrent and a clear sign that this country may be nearing its end of existence unless you do something. Neither candidate showed they have the mental capacity or fitness to be in office. It shouldn’t matter your party affiliation at this point the future of whether or not America will even exist is frankly at stake. Are you at all concerned? What will happen to our stability? The world is laughing at us. It’s embarrassing to talk to people from other countries who are perplexed by our incompetence. Am I supposed to be a proud American? How can I? Empires rise and fall, the way our leaders are behaving shows the divisions are now too deep. Perhaps we are too big to function now? I’d like to know if you feel you have control of the situation or if you yourself have no idea how to fix such a broken and divided country? Am I made to believe that my entire existence in life will be to watch the country I belong to burn to the ground because of selfishness, greed, and a lust for power at whatever the cost? Is democracy dead? Where is everyone’s morals or is that all a facade? I’m appalled that two men far beyond the age of retirement cling to power like children. Didn’t we fight a war with a King because we didn’t like people in power for their lifetimes? How is this any different when we have career politicians who won’t step aside and retire for the greater good? Dying in office is not admirable, we need coherent individuals representing us on the world stage. Our country is at a crossroads. Are you going to be the leader who fixes it or be remembered as the leader who let America die and the next great empire fall? How will humanity judge this moment? Does that matter to you? I implore you to put politics aside and do something. I’d like a country to still call home, we are running out of time.

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