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To: Sen. Peters

From: A verified voter in Saint Johns, MI

May 29

Dear Senator Peters / [STAFF MEMBER], I am writing to express my gratitude for your leadership and bipartisan efforts on S. 3530, the READINESS Act. This important legislation, which aims to retain Federal employees who are spouses of members of the Armed Forces and the Foreign Service during involuntary relocations, represents a significant step forward in supporting these families. However, I am concerned about some recent changes to the bill that appeared in the House version, currently attached to the NDAA. Specifically, I am disappointed to see the exclusion of Foreign Service spouses, the addition of the phrase "to the extent practicable" in Section 7(1), the introduction of a waiver in Section 6(b), and the inclusion of language that would exclude individuals working on DEIA from coverage under the Act. The Senate version of the READINESS Act, which includes provisions for both Armed Forces and Foreign Service spouses, recognizes the critical role these individuals play in supporting our national security and foreign policy. Their inclusion is essential for maintaining the resilience and readiness of our service members and diplomats. The changes introduced in the House version undermine the comprehensive support that is necessary for these families. The addition of "to the extent practicable" in Section 7(1) introduces ambiguity that could limit the effectiveness of the Act. Similarly, the waiver in Section 6(b) could allow agencies to bypass the necessary support mechanisms, thereby reducing the stability and security that the Act aims to provide. I urge you to advocate for the original provisions of the Senate version of the READINESS Act, ensuring that it fully supports all spouses who serve alongside their loved ones in the Armed Forces and Foreign Service. Your commitment to this cause will make a significant difference in the lives of many families who sacrifice so much for our country. Thank you for your attention to these concerns and for your continued dedication to supporting our military and foreign service communities.

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