Biden Will Loose 2024 For his Deaf Ears on Gaza
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Biden Will Loose 2024 For his Deaf Ears on Gaza

To: Pres. Biden, Sen. Heinrich, Rep. Vasquez, Sen. Luján

From: A constituent in Rio Communities, NM

May 8

I previously send this letter with respect…. And now, it’s with disgust that I am writing to you. I am a registered Democrat in the State of New Mexico. I regretfully would ask that our President Joe Biden resign as President of the United States. I cannot and will not stand for a representative of our Country to be in favor of, whether publicly or privately, the genocide that we are seeing first hand and funding the war crimes being committed by Israel. This will be yet another instance of our country’s shame as we fail to do the right thing. Pockets lined with money voting against constituents’ wishes is deplorable and NOT a democracy. End this.

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