Your Constituents Don’t Support Israel’s War Crimes…Why Do You?
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Your Constituents Don’t Support Israel’s War Crimes…Why Do You?

To: Sen. Bennet, Sen. Hickenlooper, Pres. Biden, Rep. Crow

From: A verified voter in Littleton, CO

June 3

I am writing to you as a concerned citizen and a voting constituent to demand that you take immediate and decisive action to facilitate an end to Israel’s ongoing war crimes in Gaza. The escalating violence and humanitarian crisis have reached catastrophic levels, resulting in the loss of countless innocent lives and widespread destruction. This situation is not only a grave humanitarian concern but also a significant moral issue that requires urgent attention and resolution. The actions currently being taken in Gaza are unacceptable and amount to a genocide that the international community cannot ignore. As an elected official, it is your responsibility to represent the values and concerns of your constituents. I, along with many others in our community, state, and country, am deeply disturbed by the ongoing slaughter and the lack of decisive action from our government to stop it. The United States provides billions of dollars in military aid to Israel each year, giving our country significant influence over its actions. It is imperative that you use your platform to call for an immediate and permanent ceasefire and demand that Israel end its military operations in Gaza and open all existing corridors to humanitarian aid and workers. The United States' continued support is directly resulting in tens of thousands of unjustifiable deaths due to Israel disregarding international human rights standards and its targeting of innocent civilians, aid workers, and journalists. Failing to take a strong and principled stand on this issue will not only be a failure of leadership but will also have repercussions at the ballot box. Public opinion is shifting rapidly, and voters are increasingly unwilling to support representatives who do not actively work to prevent atrocities and uphold human rights. The upcoming elections will reflect the priorities and values of the electorate. If you do not take concrete steps to advocate for peace and justice in Gaza, you risk losing the support of your constituents who demand ethical and humanitarian leadership. We expect our representatives to act with integrity and compassion, and to stand against any form of violence and oppression. I urge you to publicly denounce the actions in Gaza, call for an immediate and permanent end to the military operations, and support initiatives that aim to bring about a lasting and just peace for both Palestinians and Israelis. The time to act is now, and your leadership on this issue will be remembered by your constituents. I expect to see your proactive efforts to bring an end to Israel’s and the United States’ disastrous war on Gaza and to work diligently towards justice for a peaceful world.

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