Revoke Netanyahu’s Invitation and Uphold International Law
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Revoke Netanyahu’s Invitation and Uphold International Law

To: Rep. Wagner, Pres. Biden, Sen. Hawley, Sen. Schmitt

From: A verified voter in Warrenton, MO

June 9

As a concerned citizen, I must express my profound dismay and strong opposition to the invitation extended to Benjamin Netanyahu, the leader of Israel, to visit the United States. Benjamin Netanyahu has been accused of forced starvation, persecution, and extermination for crimes against humanity, and intentionally directing attacks against the civilian population of Palestine by the International Criminal Court (ICC). Additionally, Benjamin Netanyahu has been included in the United Nations' "List of Shame" for child killing. The allegations against Benjamin Netanyahu are of the gravest nature, involving the systematic extermination of ethnic groups and the targeted killing of children, actions that are abhorrent to the values of human rights and dignity that our nation holds dear. The ICC's charges and the UN's designation are not trivial; they represent the international community's recognition of severe and inhumane violations of human rights. Allowing Benjamin Netanyahu to visit the United States would not only undermine our country's commitment to justice and human rights but also send a dangerous message that we are willing to overlook such heinous crimes for political or diplomatic reasons. It would be a betrayal of our nation's principles and a disservice to the countless victims who have suffered under Benjamin Netanyahu's regime. I urge you to take immediate action to revoke the invitation extended to Benjamin Netanyahu. It is imperative that the United States stands firm in its condemnation of genocide and child-killing and refuses to provide a platform or legitimacy to those accused of such crimes. By doing so, we reaffirm our commitment to upholding human rights and the rule of law. I trust that you will give this matter the urgent attention it deserves and act following our nation's values and international obligations.

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