Urgent intervention needed to end humanitarian crisis in Gaza
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Urgent intervention needed to end humanitarian crisis in Gaza

To: Sen. Lankford, Pres. Biden, Sen. Mullin, Rep. Cole

From: A verified voter in Norman, OK

May 9

Israel's siege and military offensive in Rafah have led to a dire humanitarian crisis, violating international laws and human rights. The reported occupation of the Philadelphi Corridor along Egypt's border is a concerning breach of the peace treaty. Over a million Palestinians trapped in Rafah face potential genocide through deprivation of essentials like food, water, and medical aid. This unacceptable situation demands immediate global intervention. A ceasefire must be imposed to halt the violence and civilian suffering. Israel's disproportionate use of force against an occupied population is inexcusable and undermines prospects for a just peace. Strong diplomatic pressure should compel Israel to end the brutal siege, allow humanitarian access, and withdraw its forces from Gaza and the Egyptian border area. Concurrently, the international community must reevaluate its military aid and arms provisions to Israel, which embolden such reckless aggression. Sanctions and accountability measures should be seriously considered against perpetrators of potential war crimes and crimes against humanity. Ultimately, a viable long-term resolution hinges on addressing the root causes - the decadeslong military occupation and systematic oppression of Palestinians. Only by upholding principles of equality, human rights and self-determination for all people can durable peace be achieved. Israel's extreme right-wing leadership must be replaced through free and fair democratic processes to pave the way for meaningful dialogue and a just settlement.

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