Respond urgently to overturn ruling enabling unchecked presidential power
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Respond urgently to overturn ruling enabling unchecked presidential power

To: Sen. Murray, Rep. Schrier, Sen. Cantwell

From: A constituent in Renton, WA

July 2

The Supreme Court's decision to grant broad immunity to presidents for official acts is deeply concerning for the preservation of democratic accountability and the rule of law. By insulating even egregious abuses of power from criminal prosecution, the Court has undermined a crucial check on executive overreach and opened the door for unchecked corruption at the highest levels of government. This ruling represents a dangerous departure from the foundational principle that no one, not even the president, is above the law. It erodes the system of checks and balances so carefully constructed by the Framers to safeguard against the consolidation of power and tyranny. When presidents can act with impunity, the consequences for our democracy are severe. The decision calls for immediate legislative action to reaffirm the supremacy of the law and restore mechanisms of accountability for executive misconduct. Congress must respond swiftly and decisively to protect the integrity of our institutions and uphold the democratic ideals upon which this nation was founded. Inaction in the face of such an alarming infringement on liberty would be unforgivable. The long-term ramifications of allowing this precedent to stand unchallenged pose an existential threat to American democracy as we know it.

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