Judge Cannon should recuse herself from Trump classified documents case
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Judge Cannon should recuse herself from Trump classified documents case

To: Gov. Shapiro

From: A constituent in Stroudsburg, PA

May 14

Judge Cannon's handling of the Trump classified documents case raises serious concerns about her impartiality and ability to oversee this matter fairly. By repeatedly delaying proceedings and entertaining motions that legal experts widely view as meritless, she appears to be acting more as a political activist than an impartial arbiter of justice. This deeply undermines public confidence in the judicial process. The facts of this case are straightforward - Trump improperly retained highly sensitive classified materials after leaving office and refused to return them for over a year despite repeated demands. With the evidence already public, including Trump's own recorded statements, there is no justification for the interminable delays Cannon has enabled through her rulings. Her actions risk turning this into a protracted political circus rather than allowing the trial to proceed expediently on the merits. As an official entrusted to uphold the rule of law without fear or favor, Judge Cannon should recuse herself from this matter immediately. Her apparent bias in favor of the defendant creates the perception that the fight is "fixed," eroding faith in our institutions. Only by removing herself can she restore some semblance of credibility to these proceedings. The American people deserve a fair and timely resolution based solely on the facts, not an indefinite saga tainted by conflicts of interest.

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