An open letter to Sen. King, Sen. Collins, Rep. Pingree.
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An Open Letter

To: Sen. King, Sen. Collins, Rep. Pingree

From: A constituent in Portland, ME

May 7

Letter to Sen. Collins, Sen. King, and Sen. Pingree: People's voices need to be heard. There are children and adults in this beautiful world that are being severely abused, even in their sleep. Such persons, created by God's promise that all people are treated equal, cannot speak about it or have severe difficulties speaking about it. Or worse, they are severely repressed and traumatized for speaking about it even in the slightest ways of mentioning the abuse. Support GOSICAA foundation to help child abuse stop. Help abuse victims find the freedom and happiness they deserve. Help the society we are born into on this planet Earth be what it should be, a land of great opportunities and a healthy community. People are born one way into this world to be loved and cared for, cared about, and supported by a community and society that gives back and that grows in the fullness and abundance of God's love, purity, truth, and wisdom, and peace. People are born one way into this world to trust and to love life. People are born one way into this world and children do not expect to be abused, nor should they ever feel or think that they were ever or are ever predisposed to being abused. Children are innocent and should not have to be silent if they are being abused. Adults should not have to be silent if they are being abused. People are born one way into this world: innocently open-hearted to live well, to learn well, and to enjoy life, not to be abused. That should never change. I myself am a survivor of extreme abuse that I endured throughout my growing years. I know how silencing many child abusers are and how traumatic life can be especially when a child's loving, biological parents are not able to rescue or protect their own child. Even to this day I have difficulty mentioning or emphasizing my efforts and endless attempts to survive through every single terrifying experience of abuse that I experienced being abused by a strange cult that did not believe that a child should be with their loving parents or protected by their famil y so that they would not be abused. Abuse survivors and abuse victims need to know that there is a great life ahead of them that they can live and look forward to. People are born one way into this world innocently open-hearted to trust that life can be worth living. That should never change.

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