Israel starving Gaza, causing humanitarian catastrophe - Ceasefire NOW
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Israel starving Gaza, causing humanitarian catastrophe - Ceasefire NOW

To: Sen. Cramer, Rep. Armstrong, Sen. Hoeven, Pres. Biden

From: A constituent in Grand Forks, ND

February 23

From AP News on Feb 21, 2024: “United Nations agencies and aid groups say the ongoing hostilities, the Israeli military’s refusal to facilitate deliveries and the breakdown of order inside Gaza make it increasingly difficult to bring vital aid to much of the coastal enclave. The World Food Program said Tuesday it has paused food deliveries to isolated northern Gaza where the U.N. children’s agency says one in six children are acutely malnourished. A U.N. report in December found that a quarter of Gaza’s 2.3 million people are starving. ‘You find that there are people who have missed meals for a day or two days or three days — they have severe hunger,’ Matthew Hollingworth, country director for WFP, said Wednesday. ‘But you also have people who have acute hunger, that is, they are not eating for a week.’” I support a ceasefire, along with 66 Congressmembers (as of Jan 29), 61% of American voters, and over 70% of Democrats (Data for Progress). We are paying attention to representatives who publicly call for a permanent ceasefire, which will shape the 2024 elections. I want you to cosponsor HR 786 by Rep Bush. I am demanding you to take immediate steps to deescalate violence in Gaza and Israel by calling for 1) a total and permanent ceasefire, 2) humanitarian aid allowed to enter Gaza, 3) an end to Israel's siege on Gaza, 4) the release of all Palestinian and Israeli hostages, 5) no more weapons or funding to the Israeli military, 6) the reinstatement of UNRWA funding. A permanent ceasefire is an absolutely critical step to ensuring everlasting liberation and peace. Never again means never again for anyone. Palestinians deserve to live with freedom and safety which means first stopping this genocide and then ensuring liberation from occupation and apartheid. The liberation and safety of Palestinians, Israelis, Jewish people, and Muslim people are intertwined. There can only be true safety when we are all free from oppression. U.S. made weapons are killing entire families in Gaza. Our tax dollars are directly funding this genocide. The ICJ ruled that Israel should do everything in its power to prevent genocide. South Africa is also suing President Biden for participating in this genocide. You must take action now and end all U.S. support in Israel's enactment of this genocide.

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