An open letter to Sen. Durbin.
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An Open Letter

To: Sen. Durbin

From: A verified voter in Elk Grove Village, IL

June 6

Noah Berlatsky said it: it's time to step up While I appreciate your support for doing what's right both here and in Gaza, Noah Berlatsky is right: Congressional oversight hearings give Congress a chance to focus the national conversation on what members want to talk about. It gives them a chance to pressure executive branch officials to adopt congressional priorities, or to explain and potentially embarrass themselves. In contrast, Democrats in the Senate have been bizarrely reluctant to use hearings to advance their agenda. Dick Durbin, chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has refused to hold hearings to investigate egregious evidence of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas receiving gifts from far right billionaires, or to demand answers from Alito about his apparent embrace of the insurrection. Instead, he’s posting weak statements on social media meekly calling for right-wing members of the Court to do a better job policing themselves.

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