Moms for Liberty are agents of terrorism
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Moms for Liberty are agents of terrorism

To: Rep. DeGette, Sen. Bennet, Pres. Biden, Sen. Hickenlooper

From: A constituent in Denver, CO

May 23

Darcy Schoening and Moms for Liberty, are (in my opinion) a cruel, sadistic, and terroristic organization, who has recently condoned bomb threats to Target, Planet Fitness, and more. The FBI has issued a terrorism warning, for Pride events, due to foreign governments and their agents. Who else would this be, than Moms for Liberty? The front for domestic terror threats, against queer and trans people; mimicking the same verbiage as Russia and our state enemies. Moms for Liberty, and their MAGA constituents MUST be considered domestic terrorists, for the sake of trans and queer citizens of the USA. For the rightful and just citizens, who don’t interfere in our elections, who don’t attempt to disqualify the election by forming an insurrection, who haven’t openly declared support for the Christo-fascist “Project 2025” to instill an undemocratically instilled tyrant. Should America desire to continue, should America with to persist as a sign of freedom: we must protect our civilians, from these domestic but internationally inspired terrorists. Moms for Liberty, must be held accountable for the actions they inspire and condone. They are not above the law, they are not American, they are terrorist and should be classified as such.

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