Bar Netanyahu from Addressing Congress and Cease All Aid to Israel
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Bar Netanyahu from Addressing Congress and Cease All Aid to Israel

To: Rep. Wexton, Sen. Warner, Pres. Biden, Sen. Kaine

From: A verified voter in Sterling, VA

June 4

As your constituent, I am appalled and enraged that Congress will host Benjamin Netanyahu next week. Netanyahu and his government (note: NOT members of the Jewish faith in general, but specifically this administration and state) are actively committing w ar crimes and genocide in Gaza. Not only should this criminal not be granted an audience with our government, he should be tried for his crimes in an international court of law. Further, the US should immediately cease all aid to the Israeli government. And, as we should have months ago, call for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza. With that said, the action I'd like you to take is as follows: - Call for Netanyahu to be barred from entering the US or addressing Congress - Encourage a permanent ceasefire in Gaza and redirect aid to it's people - Immediately and permanently cease all aid in all it's forms to Israel - Support an ICC review of Israel's actions in Gaza and seek just and appropriate repercussions for those actions g, you are sorely mistaken. If you think the American people will continue supporting politicians who don't call for Israel to be held accountable for the genocide they're committin I will not vote for candidates who support genocide.

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