Urgent Appeal for Protection of the European Hospital in Gaza
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Urgent Appeal for Protection of the European Hospital in Gaza

To: Sen. Hickenlooper, Rep. Crow, Sen. Bennet, Pres. Biden

From: A verified voter in Littleton, CO

July 1

I am writing to you with an urgent plea for action regarding the European Hospital in Gaza. This hospital, which houses the largest trauma center in the region, is currently the most functioning medical facility left in Gaza. With the majority of hospitals in Gaza destroyed and no longer operational, the European Hospital stands as a crucial lifeline for countless individuals in dire need of medical care. Tragically, the European Hospital received evacuation orders this morning due to an imminent threat of attack. Doctors and patients are now attempting to evacuate, but with nowhere to go, the situation is becoming increasingly desperate. If this hospital is targeted and attacked, the people of Gaza, Palestine will be left with virtually no medical care amidst ongoing violence and suffering. The targeting of hospitals is a clear violation of international law and constitutes a war crime. Reports, including those from reputable sources like the Associated Press, have documented numerous instances of human rights abuses in Gaza, further underscoring the urgent need for immediate intervention. I urge you to use your influence and position to call for the protection of the European Hospital in Gaza. Please advocate for immediate international intervention to safeguard this critical medical facility and prevent further loss of life. This genocide must be stopped, for not only Palestinians, but for the whole of humanity. Please act now. There is no time to waste.

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