An open letter to Gov. Shapiro, Rep. Fiedler, Sen. Saval.
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An Open Letter

To: Gov. Shapiro, Rep. Fiedler, Sen. Saval

From: A constituent in Philadelphia, PA

July 2

DO NOT APPROVE PRIVATE SCHOOL VOUCHERS. The educational performance has declined in every state that vouchers have been instituted. They are a failure everywhere. You can not ignore this. The reality is in every case pop up substandard unregulated private schools are opened that do not serve the children most in need. In the end the families who receive the benefit are wealthy families who get subsidized tuition for the very expensive schools. Although wealthy families can not access vouchers in this version of the bill in all states over a couple of years the vouchers become open to everyone. VOUCHERS DESTROY PUBLIC EDUCATION. DO NOT APPROVE VOUCHERS. Solve the court mandated requirement to eliminate the non constitutionality of the current school funding system.

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