End Israel and foreign aide & give Americans aide! Shrink the military budget!
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End Israel and foreign aide & give Americans aide! Shrink the military budget!

To: Pres. Biden, Rep. Crockett, Sen. Cruz, Sen. Cornyn

From: A constituent in Dallas, TX

May 29

The United States refusal to hold Israel accountable and suspend all support for Israel over the recent attacks on encampments resulting in the charred corpses of women, children and the elderly has me absolutely ASHAMED that my country and its leaders lack humanity and empathy for the Palestinian people. So long as the United States and its leaders continue to play by the rules of Israel and AIPAC, we are only enabling Israel to continue their genocide of Palestinians and enabling them to continuing committing war crimes. Enough is enough! The circle of friends the United States is beginning to find itself among is beginning to really really disturb me; we are more closely aligned with Israel and Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Pakistan and the like than we are with our true allies in Europe. The fact that we continually choose to support countries who continuously are guilty of human rights abuses because we supposedly "need to support democracy" when really we just want their oil because our politicians are bought and paid for by big oil, is a dog whistle for what our elected government leadership really think about citizen rights in this country. I'm so unbelievably sick and tired of our tax dollars constantly going overseas when we desperately need aide at home. Have you seriously talked to the average working class American recently? Do you know what an extra $1,000 a month would do for them? With how much we spend on the military and foreign aide we could actually afford to take care of our own like that. But no. You and your cohorts decided long ago you don't want that and that the American people are no longer worthy of help from the government of the United States. We only exist to be used as profit centers for corporations and as a source of tax dollars for government. Do you see the problem? Do you see the problem YOU created? Americans are angry. Americans are exhausted. Americans are broke. The economy isn't working for us. NOTHING works for us anymore, only the 1%. You have got to do better by us.

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