The Hypocrisy of your TikTok Ban
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The Hypocrisy of your TikTok Ban

To: Sen. Cornyn, Sen. Cruz, Pres. Biden, Rep. Doggett

From: A verified voter in Austin, TX

April 26

I’ll make this brief. You are telling us TikTok is a National security threat. You want to take control of it or ban it. I’m just curious why you took NO action to protect us from Facebook after the Cambridge Analytica scandal. That was literally Election interference via illegal use of personal data. Yet Meta continues to operate without impedance. Without any explanation, i can only infer that your motives for banning TikTok are different than you claim. Why was Facebook and CA not punished? It’s looking more and more to the younger generations that you guys are all corrupted and are just trying to enrich yourselves. Disgusting.

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